HP Setting and the Input

Place mouse on the map, and drag it to make an arbitrary spot and the center point of the map agree. After the drag is finished, an N-code is displayed.
Then you can set the point as Home Position when you click , When a map around the point gets displayed. You log into a new session.When you search for other places, you can get back to the Home Position by clicking on the Home Position box.
If you set up above settings, same mesh number does not appear in the area of 50km square where same range of Home Position unit, we call it Home Position territory, In this territory, you can omit the block number as well as the unit number and search only using the mesh number as the input. Even if the block number and unit number are straddled.
Therefore, the input given out with a mesh number in the cities, towns and villages is where the unit is straddle. it can be useful when you set your home or workplace as the Home Position